Ten strange phenomena in China’s jewelry industry

China is already the largest jewellery market in the world, but there is no international recognition of Hetian jade, with jadeite, including all the gem and jade categories, and there is no right to speak in the upper reaches of China.

From diamonds, to red sapphire, to emerald, to any precious gem or precious gem that you can think of, in the high growth of China’s jewelry market, China should have been a buyer’s market, but still a seller’s market. From TV to the familiar chain brand, to the newly emerging e-commerce business, it seems to have been in the channel flat, bring many benefits to jewellery enthusiasts, but in fact, China’s huge purchasing power, to the upper reaches, or will be broken down, no one gets a good price.

So in the end, the actual compression is just a little bit of downstream circulation space, which may also affect the service and survival.

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