RFID intelligent jewelry management solution

Jewelry management is an important part of the daily work of jewellers. It is particularly important for jewelers to manage these expensive assets and achieve maximum profit. RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is introduced into jewellery management, RFID electronic labels are attached to valuable jewelry goods, and jewelry set up on the counter is used to monitor, control and track the jewellery with RFID electronic label, so as to realize quick inventory, real-time tracking and intelligent marketing management. The process of import and export of jewellery products is tracked and recorded in all directions. The complicated and inefficient manual management and bar code scanning mode have been replaced by the new method of automation and accuracy and efficiency.

The jewelry label is RFID electronic label, each RFID electronic label has a unique ID number, which records the weight, purity, grade, warehouse, area, shelf and other jewel information on the certificate of national inspection. RFID technology introduced jewellery management, attached RFID labels for precious jewelry goods, combined with jewellery equipment installed on the counter to monitor, control and track the labelling jewellery, so as to realize quick inventory, real-time tracking and intelligent sales management.

Jewellery booth supervision, in jewellery sales, the safety management of precious jewels has always been the top priority, with RFID electronic labels on jewels, RFID reader and antenna in the booth, the jewellery can be read in real time at the booth, the jewels can be picked up by the backstage, and every moment the jewels are kept on the booth. In addition, you can wear RFID hand ring for the salesman. When the hand reaches the booth, it is perceived, and the jewels are taken away from the booth. All the jewels are responsible for leaving the booth. In addition, the handover was subtracted from the complicated inventory work.

Jewelry anti-counterfeiting, the use of RFID electronic labels with the world’s only ID number as the only identity of jewelry, the properties of jewellery and ID Association, can do jewellery anti counterfeiting, anti cargo management.

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