National Brand of Gold Jewellery

The scale of China’s gold jewelry market has exceeded 600 billion yuan, but compared with the United States and Japan, China’s per capita jewelry consumption is still at a low level, and is currently at the point of time when the demand for gold jewelry rises. Among them, the third- and fourth-tier cities are intensively crossing the per capita GDP. With a threshold of 5,000 US dollars, and the superposition of housing prices and the wealth effect brought about by the shed change, the trend of consumption upgrade is obvious. This year, the demand for optional consumer goods, including gold and jewellery, has increased significantly. From the supply side, there are many market brands in the first and second-tier cities, including high-end and mid-to-high-end brands at home and abroad. The supply is relatively saturated; the three-and-four-tier cities are dominated by small and regional brands, and there are fewer national brands. The channel sinking and industry integration of brand owners is the trend of the times.

Jinyi Culture started with precious metal crafts. In 2014, it began to force the field of jewelry, successively purchased Yuewang jewelry, Baoqing products, Jeff jewelry and other advantageous regional brands, successfully expanding the scope of brand influence; and extending the industrial chain to acquire Jinyi jewelry. , Guitian Diamond, Bao Bao Tong, Carney Small Credit, and other jewelry manufacturing, wholesale, supply chain financial companies, enhance the strength of the company’s various business segments. In addition, through the establishment of industrial funds, strategic cooperation, and other forms of investment in the country’s many provinces and jewellery related R & D, manufacturing projects for the company to provide rapid development of channels across the country to provide a solid foundation.

The company aims at consumer groups in the 3rd and 4th tiers that are in the stage of consumption upgrade and positions the gold jewelry national brand. The company was nominated for the 2017 CCTV National Brand Plan. CCTV’s advertising coverage of 988 million people played a good brand publicity effect; in addition, the company will rely on the resources and experience of various high-quality regional brands in the national brand less three The fourth-tier cities used rapid expansion of stores to join the market in advance and seized the market in advance. With the help of industry consolidation, market share was increased.

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