Jewellery transformation for a long time

Although the performance has been improved, the internal high rise of the American jewelry brand Tiffany&Co. continues to be unrest, and the group is also joining a new member while three board members leave. It is reported that the members of the board are Charles Marquis, Gary Costley, former CEO of California international food company and Michael Kowalski, former chairman and chief executive of Tiffany, and the newly joined board members are Annie Young-Scrivner from Godiva Chocolatier. .

The participation of women’s board members, in the view of the industry, allows Tiffany to see more of the problem from the perspective of female consumers when making the transition strategy.

The road to transformation of Tiffany has been a long time. Last year, Tiffany first joined the American female singer Lady Gaga to launch the HardWear series, and cost millions of dollars to launch a new series of commercials made by Lady Gaga to the Super Bowl football game in the United States for the first time; then co operated with the beauty group Coty, returning to the perfume business for thirteen years, and especially invited Chinese actors. Wei Zhou, as an image ambassador, produced a series of publicity pictorial and created a very high sales volume in a short time.

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