Fast fashion jewellery

“Every season will launch new models, can match their own preferences, feel very fashionable.” In May 10th, before and after the purchase of more than ten Pandora beads, Ms. Zeng told reporters that a lot of young women friends recently began to wear this DIY jewelry, “I also followed the pit.”

It is understood that in the past, Pandora, who was unknown to Changsha, developed rapidly in the past two years. Since its entry into the Changsha market in 2015, it has opened 3 stores in Hisense Plaza, Wangfujing department store and Yue Fang ID Mall in less than two years.

On the same day, in the Hisense square in Changsha, a Pandora special cabinet, the reporter saw, mainly with porcelain glaze, glaze with 925 silver design of the beads color, different forms, consumers choose the suitable size of the bracelet, can be selected according to the preferences of the beads to match, a single price range from 300 yuan to thousands of yuan.

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