Create the jewellery industry chain

On the new year’s day, jewelry has become the brightest business card in Shunde. In the four day second Shunde international jewelry exhibition, more than 100 jewelry brands gathered, and the industry Grand Cafe staged a “brainstorm” on innovation. During the exhibition, 380 thousand people were attracted, with sales of up to 36 million yuan.

In Shunde, the annual output value of the jewelry industry is nearly 40 billion yuan, and is becoming a new industry puzzle outside the home appliances, furniture and other industries. How to innovate and grow is not only a regional topic, but also an industry concern. During the exhibition, the big coffee industry was supporting Shunde jewelry industry.

In recent years, with the help of “building a famous town of len jewellery” in the Buddha port, len has established the development idea of “jewelry, tourism, culture”. Through the deep cooperation with the Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, and the leading enterprise as the grasp, we can promote the zhubao from the simple production and processing to the headquarters. Economic, creative design, trade and logistics and cultural tourism in the whole industry chain model development.

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