Jewellery transformation for a long time

Although the performance has been improved, the internal high rise of the American jewelry brand Tiffany&Co. continues to be unrest, and the group is also joining a new member while three board members leave. It is reported that the members of the board are Charles Marquis, Gary Costley, former CEO of California international food company and Michael Kowalski, former chairman and chief executive of Tiffany, and the newly joined board members are Annie Young-Scrivner from Godiva Chocolatier. .

The participation of women’s board members, in the view of the industry, allows Tiffany to see more of the problem from the perspective of female consumers when making the transition strategy.

The road to transformation of Tiffany has been a long time. Last year, Tiffany first joined the American female singer Lady Gaga to launch the HardWear series, and cost millions of dollars to launch a new series of commercials made by Lady Gaga to the Super Bowl football game in the United States for the first time; then co operated with the beauty group Coty, returning to the perfume business for thirteen years, and especially invited Chinese actors. Wei Zhou, as an image ambassador, produced a series of publicity pictorial and created a very high sales volume in a short time.

Fast fashion jewellery

“Every season will launch new models, can match their own preferences, feel very fashionable.” In May 10th, before and after the purchase of more than ten Pandora beads, Ms. Zeng told reporters that a lot of young women friends recently began to wear this DIY jewelry, “I also followed the pit.”

It is understood that in the past, Pandora, who was unknown to Changsha, developed rapidly in the past two years. Since its entry into the Changsha market in 2015, it has opened 3 stores in Hisense Plaza, Wangfujing department store and Yue Fang ID Mall in less than two years.

On the same day, in the Hisense square in Changsha, a Pandora special cabinet, the reporter saw, mainly with porcelain glaze, glaze with 925 silver design of the beads color, different forms, consumers choose the suitable size of the bracelet, can be selected according to the preferences of the beads to match, a single price range from 300 yuan to thousands of yuan.

RFID intelligent jewelry management solution

Jewelry management is an important part of the daily work of jewellers. It is particularly important for jewelers to manage these expensive assets and achieve maximum profit. RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is introduced into jewellery management, RFID electronic labels are attached to valuable jewelry goods, and jewelry set up on the counter is used to monitor, control and track the jewellery with RFID electronic label, so as to realize quick inventory, real-time tracking and intelligent marketing management. The process of import and export of jewellery products is tracked and recorded in all directions. The complicated and inefficient manual management and bar code scanning mode have been replaced by the new method of automation and accuracy and efficiency.

The jewelry label is RFID electronic label, each RFID electronic label has a unique ID number, which records the weight, purity, grade, warehouse, area, shelf and other jewel information on the certificate of national inspection. RFID technology introduced jewellery management, attached RFID labels for precious jewelry goods, combined with jewellery equipment installed on the counter to monitor, control and track the labelling jewellery, so as to realize quick inventory, real-time tracking and intelligent sales management.

Jewellery booth supervision, in jewellery sales, the safety management of precious jewels has always been the top priority, with RFID electronic labels on jewels, RFID reader and antenna in the booth, the jewellery can be read in real time at the booth, the jewels can be picked up by the backstage, and every moment the jewels are kept on the booth. In addition, you can wear RFID hand ring for the salesman. When the hand reaches the booth, it is perceived, and the jewels are taken away from the booth. All the jewels are responsible for leaving the booth. In addition, the handover was subtracted from the complicated inventory work.

Jewelry anti-counterfeiting, the use of RFID electronic labels with the world’s only ID number as the only identity of jewelry, the properties of jewellery and ID Association, can do jewellery anti counterfeiting, anti cargo management.

Create the jewellery industry chain

On the new year’s day, jewelry has become the brightest business card in Shunde. In the four day second Shunde international jewelry exhibition, more than 100 jewelry brands gathered, and the industry Grand Cafe staged a “brainstorm” on innovation. During the exhibition, 380 thousand people were attracted, with sales of up to 36 million yuan.

In Shunde, the annual output value of the jewelry industry is nearly 40 billion yuan, and is becoming a new industry puzzle outside the home appliances, furniture and other industries. How to innovate and grow is not only a regional topic, but also an industry concern. During the exhibition, the big coffee industry was supporting Shunde jewelry industry.

In recent years, with the help of “building a famous town of len jewellery” in the Buddha port, len has established the development idea of “jewelry, tourism, culture”. Through the deep cooperation with the Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, and the leading enterprise as the grasp, we can promote the zhubao from the simple production and processing to the headquarters. Economic, creative design, trade and logistics and cultural tourism in the whole industry chain model development.

The whole jewellery market is depressing

To explore the backdrop behind the slump in the platinum jewelry market, the report analysis said that the decline in the platinum market was affected by the overall downturn in the jewelry market. On the one hand, China’s economic growth continued to slow in 2016, the GDP growth rate was only 6.7%, the actual growth of per capita disposable income in the country was lower than the GDP growth rate, only 6.3%, coupled with constant housing prices. The rise has made consumers no longer free to buy high priced goods, while the devaluation of the renminbi has increased concerns about inflation, which in turn prompted consumers to pursue more inflationary investments.

Consumers’ consumption habits are also changing, and experiential consumption habits have gradually formed. Platinum and other precious jewels are faced with the huge challenge of health, intelligent wearable equipment and tourism and entertainment at the same time, and the platinum jewelry consumption space is further squeezed in the face of the competition of the traditional luxury goods such as accessories and shoes.

Consumer demand for jewellery is also changing. Consumers’ purchase of jewellery no longer pursues the value of high purity but more emphasis on the design of style and the emotional connection behind it, and the lack of popular jewelry is no longer able to meet the needs of consumers.

Ten strange phenomena in China’s jewelry industry

China is already the largest jewellery market in the world, but there is no international recognition of Hetian jade, with jadeite, including all the gem and jade categories, and there is no right to speak in the upper reaches of China.

From diamonds, to red sapphire, to emerald, to any precious gem or precious gem that you can think of, in the high growth of China’s jewelry market, China should have been a buyer’s market, but still a seller’s market. From TV to the familiar chain brand, to the newly emerging e-commerce business, it seems to have been in the channel flat, bring many benefits to jewellery enthusiasts, but in fact, China’s huge purchasing power, to the upper reaches, or will be broken down, no one gets a good price.

So in the end, the actual compression is just a little bit of downstream circulation space, which may also affect the service and survival.

Tailor made jewellery is the future trend

Many consumers who have bought jewelry in the terminal brand shop must have had such experience. Although the goods in the shop are full of items and varied in style, they are always selected and selected, but it is difficult to choose their favorite.

“Actually, I just want to buy a unique jewelry that can convey the inner expression I want to express.”

In the reception process of many brand clerks, more and more young consumers will encounter more and more, especially after 90 consumers. These young married groups pursue individuality and are willing to have different views and expressions. Whether they are engaged, married, or wearing their own clothes, they all want to show themselves through a jewellery with temperature. The emergence of jewellery private customization can solve these needs effectively.

Private customization is actually a process of giving life to jewellery. Designers and artisans, when designing and making custom jewels, display not only the rare value and exquisite craftsmanship of the jewels, but also the individual life attitude, wisdom and values of the customer. The final product of a custom jewellery must go through the selection of gemstones, the design, communication and determination of sketches. In the whole process, designers need to communicate and communicate with the customer many times. Only in this way, the jewelry will be full of the customer’s own imprint and emotional appeal. As the most popular consumer concept in the west, international jewelry brand, small personalized brand and designer brand will provide private jewelry customization services.

National Brand of Gold Jewellery

The scale of China’s gold jewelry market has exceeded 600 billion yuan, but compared with the United States and Japan, China’s per capita jewelry consumption is still at a low level, and is currently at the point of time when the demand for gold jewelry rises. Among them, the third- and fourth-tier cities are intensively crossing the per capita GDP. With a threshold of 5,000 US dollars, and the superposition of housing prices and the wealth effect brought about by the shed change, the trend of consumption upgrade is obvious. This year, the demand for optional consumer goods, including gold and jewellery, has increased significantly. From the supply side, there are many market brands in the first and second-tier cities, including high-end and mid-to-high-end brands at home and abroad. The supply is relatively saturated; the three-and-four-tier cities are dominated by small and regional brands, and there are fewer national brands. The channel sinking and industry integration of brand owners is the trend of the times.

Jinyi Culture started with precious metal crafts. In 2014, it began to force the field of jewelry, successively purchased Yuewang jewelry, Baoqing products, Jeff jewelry and other advantageous regional brands, successfully expanding the scope of brand influence; and extending the industrial chain to acquire Jinyi jewelry. , Guitian Diamond, Bao Bao Tong, Carney Small Credit, and other jewelry manufacturing, wholesale, supply chain financial companies, enhance the strength of the company’s various business segments. In addition, through the establishment of industrial funds, strategic cooperation, and other forms of investment in the country’s many provinces and jewellery related R & D, manufacturing projects for the company to provide rapid development of channels across the country to provide a solid foundation.

The company aims at consumer groups in the 3rd and 4th tiers that are in the stage of consumption upgrade and positions the gold jewelry national brand. The company was nominated for the 2017 CCTV National Brand Plan. CCTV’s advertising coverage of 988 million people played a good brand publicity effect; in addition, the company will rely on the resources and experience of various high-quality regional brands in the national brand less three The fourth-tier cities used rapid expansion of stores to join the market in advance and seized the market in advance. With the help of industry consolidation, market share was increased.